Technical Package


The Complete Compliance Service:

  • U-Values and Condensation Risk Calculations
  • SAP and EPCs
  • 3D Linear Thermal Modelling
  • Air Tightness Testing

By bringing all the necessary, accredited services under one roof, Oregon Technical Services™ will:

  • Save you time
  • Probably save you money
  • Certainly avoid over specification by reviewing the whole job
  • Provide a one stop shop for complete, convenient, compliance

oregon blue box

Oregon also promises:

A wealth of Construction Experience developed through many years of research-based work with our parent company, Oregon Timber Frame, one of the UK’s largest, independent timber frame suppliers.

A Practical Approach based on our experience of developing, supplying and erecting a successful, thermally efficient, air-tight, closed panel system, the Oregon IP™ Intelligent Panel System.

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