Oregon manufactures an energy efficient product made from responsibly sourced, Chain of Custody certified timber, helping house builders to meet their sustainability agendas.

We encourage innovation throughout our business, optimising design and production, and reducing waste in our manufacture.

We invest significantly in R&D and training, equipping our employees to produce innovative, sustainable products.

Timber use in construction is on the increase throughout the UK, with Government initiatives encouraging this. Timber’s value as a sustainable, renewable, standard building material is increasingly recognised, as awareness grows of the environmental consequences of development and climate change. This has highlighted the potential for timber construction to contribute greatly to a sustainable, low carbon future.

Embodied Energy

The embodied energy of a construction material is the total primary energy consumed during its lifetime, from extraction of raw materials to the end of the product’s life. Timber has one of the lowest embodied energies and its use can help reduce CO2 and other Green House Gas (GHG)emissions. As a comparison 640kWh of energy are used to produce 1 ton of usable construction timber, four times less that the 2560kWh of energy required to produce 1 ton of bricks.

Chain of Custody

Oregon is PEFC™ Chain of Custody certified.

pefcCustomers are seeking evidence of environmentally sound business practices, and proof from timber construction that the wood used comes from responsibly managed sources. A credible mechanism to provide this information – Chain of Custody – is provided by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) labelling scheme. Oregon is happy to provide CoC evidence on request.

Research and Development

As one of the leaders in the industry in product development, Oregon’s innovative working practices are among the best in their sector. We have a strong track record in supporting and participating in innovative, university-based research into optimising timber frame techniques, processes and products.

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