Insulated Panel

Oregon IP™ (Intelligent Panel) System is a research-based Closed Panel Timber Frame system. It is a development of the standard Open Panel Timber Frame System commonly used in the UK, where the outer surface of the panel is completed in the factory, but the inner surface is left “open” to be completed as required, on site.

How the Oregon IP™ System works

The Oregon IP™ System comprises fully insulated factory manufactured closed panels, which are designed to meet specific levels of thermal and acoustic performance, in order to comply with key Code for Sustainable Homes and Building Regulations. Given that the levels and types of insulation can be varied to meet requirements, the Oregon IP™ system is effectively “future proofed” against regulatory demands.

The Benefits of the Oregon IP™ System

  • Can be supplied to exact specification to deliver on performance
  • Flexible to suit client design
  • Improved quality control because of its factory production
  • Quick, safe and simple to erect
  • Sustainable and renewable credentials

IP – Insulated Panel

The Oregon IP™ can help achieve insulation values down to 0.11W/m2K – sufficient to satisfy all current and future requirements.

IP – Intelligent Processing-FrameIT™ System

Oregon has developed one of the most sophisticated timber frame planning systems in the UK. Our bespoke FrameIT™ System allows us to plan and monitor the project from initial design right the way through to final sign off. Every panel, cassette and truss is planned and tracked to make sure that it is delivered right first time and on time.

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